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Free Tech Resources in the Miami Area

Going into tech, especially without extensive work experience or education can be very intimidating. Thankfully, there are a lot of great resources in Miami that are accessible and welcome people completely new to the tech industry. These are the sources I used to build my web design business’s network and transition from Marketing to IT at my former corporate job.

Emerge Conference

The Emerge Americas Conference is a huge annual trade show and event at the Miami Beach Convention Center where many businesses, schools, and organizations in the tech industry come together. There were many presentations by industry leaders and government officials really eager to make Miami the new Tech Hub of the U.S. It is great to go and learn about the latest technologies. Some businesses are also looking for new employees to bring to their team, so if you’re on the lookout for a job, you can bring a few copies of your resume. When I was there, I needed to find a better software solution for my company and many of the developers at their booths offered options that were much better than what we were using then. 


Ironhack is a coding school / boot camp in the Miami Marlins Stadium. They have a lot of great events, including their Hackathon (which I participated in and helped me greatly in my tech career journey). Hackathon participants also received a ticket to the Emerge conference in Miami Beach I mentioned above. Their team is super nice, and they event offer scholarships to their boot camp a few times a year if you’re interested in going to their school!

Venture Miami

Venture Miami has a job fair every year for students and professionals looking for jobs in the tech space. Even if you are not a software engineer or full-stack developer, there are many positions available in tech businesses such as sales, customer success, and project management. 

Miami Dade College

Miami Dade College has a lot of great free programs and classes, especially related to the tech space. They also host many tech related events, including Ironhack’s Hackathon and Venture Miami’s Job Fair listed above. They receive thousands of dollars in grants for their AI lab and have their own Crypto Bull like the one in New York. I’ve also heard wonderful things about their Honors College, they have a great network and free tuition.

Refresh Miami

I originally found most of the tech events in Miami through Refresh Miami‘s platform and email blast. If you’re looking to get your start, or see where to network with other people – I highly recommend checking out their events page.

#MiamiTech Happy Hour

This #MiamiTech Happy Hour typically happens every Wednesday in Freehold Wynwood. It’s a fun, relaxed setting where you can grab a pizza and drink and meet other people in the tech space. I definitely recommend bringing a business card of sort so you can share with people interested. Have the LinkedIn and Instagram app handy as well so you can connect with people right away!

Women in Miami Tech Happy Hour

This happy hour is once a month in Ruka Wynwood. It’s on an outdoor patio area and easy to mingle and walk around to meet different ladies. Same as the other happy hour, keep those business cards, LinkedIn app, and Instagram app ready to connect!

Tech Resources Outside Miami

Google Developers Group

There are Google Developers Groups all over the world. The one I go to in Miami hosts great events sharing the newest products and updates Google has, and also puts together events that welcome people into the tech industry. I am honored I will be speaking at a Women in Tech event to share with preteen girls how I tied my passions into my work as a web designer. 

For Girls and Women

Kode with Klossy

Kode with Klossy

While I’ve never been a part of this program, I really look up to Karlie Kloss as a model and woman in tech. Her camp introduces girls to basic coding, inspiring them to get in the tech industry. 

Miss America & Miss America's Teen Scholarship

Miss America is the largest scholarship provider for women ages 13-28. Several scholarships are dedicated to being a woman in STEM. There is an entry fee to compete in a local pageant, but the scholarships that can be provided at a local, state, and national level can be used for your college education.