Website Design

Digit-eli will create a fully customized website based on your business’s needs and set up. If you already have a host and domain for your website, we have 5 years of experience in WordPress, Wix, GoDaddy, and front-end HTML and CSS coding. We can completely revamp your website or build it from the ground up! 


Elizabeth specializes in non-standard PhotoShop – blending multiple images together to reduce errors and burdens created in photoshoots for photographers, models, influencers, and pageant titleholders. 

Many photos can be enhanced with AI and FaceTune, but if you want your image edits to look natural, some PhotoShop technique can really make the difference. 

Past client cases include pageants requiring certain backgrounds and outfits worn for their headshot, reducing production time needed for product marketing, and influencer campaigns.

Graphic Design

In addition to website content, Elizabeth can also create other digital marketing materials for your business needs. Especially if you’re creating content that is cohesive with your business’s brand and website. For many businesses in their idea phase, Elizabeth can also create a logo that aligns with the brand identity.


SEO Content

If you are looking to increase your business website’s viewership, you should definitely consider search engine optimization to increase your Google search ranking!

There are two ways digit-eli can provide SEO support:

  1. Overall Website Audit Report: Review your website and add key ways to improve the SEO on existing content. If requested, digit-eli can also directly change that content at an hourly rate.
  2. Creating blog and social media content (such as Reels): Digit-eli will focus on the major search terms your business’s clients are looking for and create SEO content based on that.