Why “eli” the doodle crown?

digit-eli by elizabeth tran logo

One of the most common questions I am asked after telling someone my name is Elizabeth is if I prefer to be called Liz or Beth? The answer is neither. I was very stubborn and that I wanted my name to just be Elizabeth. I did not identify with shorter version of my name. Overtime, I wish my nickname was Eli or Elle, but by then it was too late. I’ve already cemented myself as Elizabeth.

My mother actually named me after Queen Elizabeth. My Chinese name is queen and my English name is Elizabeth. I think she did not realize that it meant I was destined to compete in beauty pageants.

The specific translation of my Chinese name is “she who is crowned.” One day, after doodling, I noticed the first three letters of my name actually looks like a doodle the crown. I first wanted to call my company Eli Co like Elle Company, but looking at the actual words it looks too much like E. coli, (this was around the same time as the lettuce outbreak). When I knew I wanted my business to have “Eli” but focused the service on web development, that is when digit-eli was born.

The crown is in homage to pageantry and how it has inspired me to create this company. I know that’s what I wanted with Eli Co., and I always wanted to run my own business. I am glad that I can use the skills that I gained in web design and front end web development as it is something that I specialize in and can further enhance in the pageant community.

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