Beginning a Business with digit-eli

Elizabeth Tran UF Masters Web Design

The Post-Nerd

I was always a nerd, but I did not identify with my nerdiness until high school when it was socially acceptable. I never felt like the smartest person, however I was extremely studious. In undergrad, I was the girl who camped outside the professor’s office to be the first student to review study questions. My friends had to stop me from bringing homework or flash cards to parties because it was lame. Honestly, I was bitter I finished my undergrad with a 3.9 GPA because I missed the first week of a class for an environmental summit. So when I did my masters I was determined to finish with a 4.0.


When that mission was accomplished, I felt a release in my identity. I can’t say I am studious anymore because I am not studying anywhere. All this nerd energy I had bundled up was not going anywhere.  

Entrepreneurial Dreams

My parents pursued the American Dream as immigrant entrepreneurs. I realized my passion for business when I went into my first class in the School of Business at the University of Miami. My first job out of college was supporting future business owners find franchises for their E-2 visa, which later involved into me building the largest accessible and analytical franchise database. I have also been extremely inspired by the women who support and run many aspects of the Miss Universe Organization. I was in awe by the amount of women-run businesses that sponsored and ran Miss Florida USA.

I knew I wanted to run my own business, just like my mom, I wasn’t sure exactly what or when but I loved seeing how much of an impact it made in the community.

It was then I combined my post-nerd energy, Web Design degree, and digital marketing experience to create digit-eli!
I have done freelance work building websites, copywriting, and editing photos so I’m excited to put my services all in one place through this new venture.

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